Viernes 06/12: Overview of the joint-CART project

Seminario IATE: Invitado externo
Título: Overview of the joint-CART project
Expositor: Prof. Jinzeng LI. (NAOC – CAS)

Fecha: Viernes 6 de diciembre de 2019, 11 hs, Auditorio IATE.

Resumen: CART is a milestone project of the long-term China-Argentina astronomical collaborations, which is expected to be constructed in the coming two years. Here I will present a brief review of the historical collaborations between China and Argentina, the key progress made with CART, the scientific objectives of CART both as a single dish and a VLBI antenna, plan on the working bands and future synergies with LLAMA and possibly also ALMA.
Sobre el expositor:

Prof. Jinzeng LI

Leading Scientist of the joint-CART project between China and Argentina
Head of the China-Argentina Astronomical Collaborations
Asso.Director of the Division of Applied Astronomy
National Astronomical Observatories
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Associate Scientist of Herschel/SPIRE (SAG3 on star formation)