Viernes 02/12: Global and local characterization in the evolution of elliptical galaxies

Expositor: Dr. Iván Lacerna (Instituto de Astronomía y Ciencias Planetarias, Universidad de Atacama, Copiapó, Chile)

Fecha: viernes 2 de diciembre, 11 hs.

Resumen: Nearby galaxies with elliptical morphologies are apparently dead galaxies at present, with globally old stellar ages and red colors. I will show recent results using Integral Field Spectroscopy (IFS) that allows us to obtain spatially resolved properties of these galaxies. In particular, we measure their radial profiles of stellar age, stellar metallicity, and star formation rate. We also reconstruct their global and radial star formation histories and structural parameters. Our results using IFS are helpful for a better characterization of the evolution of elliptical galaxies.

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