Viernes 06/05: Dust evolution in cosmological simulations

Expositor: Massimiliano Parente

Fecha: viernes 6 de mayo, 14 hs.

Resumen: Understanding the life-cycle of dust in galaxies is a pivotal task in the broader context of galaxy evolution, since it strongly shapes many physical and chemical properties of the Interstellar Medium (ISM),
In this talk I will present a recent study of the formation and evolution of galactic dust exploiting a suite of hydrodynamical simulations in cosmological volumes where the metals and dust enrichment is coupled with a sub-resolution model of star formation and feedback. Our model accounts for dust production by stars and various evolutionary processes of grains in the ISM, as well as for the presence of grains with two different sizes and chemical compositions.
Much emphasis will be given to the dust properties and enrichment history of the simulated sample of local galaxies, focusing also on the geometrical and chemical properties of dust grains. I will also discuss our results concerning the amount and properties of dust on extra-galactic scales.
Finally, I will briefly outline few possible future developments of this work.

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