Análisis exhaustivo de eyecciones de plasma solarMigraciones galácticas: ¿cómo se pueblan los cúmulos?Esperando el primer contacto

Comprehensive analysis of solar plasma ejections

Researchers from the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Astronomy (IATE), together with an international team, published an article in which, based on observations, the deviations of solar material ejections are studied.

Galactic migrations: How are clusters populated?

José Benavides, a doctoral fellow at the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Astronomy (IATE), Mario Abadi, a researcher at the same institute, and Laura Sales, from the University of California, published an article in which they analyze, based on computer simulations, how the galaxies arrive to clusters and what their interactions are like once they are inside.

Waiting for the first contact

Marcelo Lares, researcher at IATE (CONICET - UNC), in collaboration with José Funes (CONICET - Universidad Católica de Córdoba) and Luciana Gramajo (CONICET - Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba), developed and simulated a model that allows analyzing the probability of contacts between civilizations that are in different points of our galaxy.



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